The merits and demerits of permanent makeup

Having an impressive look is a plus for every woman. More women embrace makeup application from tattoo freckles to lip colour pigmentation, permanent eyebrows and micro-blading in today’s world. All these are makeup procedures that are appealing to most women.

We will look at some of the pros and cons of having permanent makeup.

Definition of permanent makeup

It refers to a cosmetic methodology. It uses tattoos to produce designs that look like a makeup appearance. Permanent makeup lasts up to 1-5 years. You can renew your treatment from time to time.

The procedure itself consist of pigments or implanting dyes in the first layer of your skin. It highlights your facial features like lash line, eyebrows and lips.

The merits and demerits of permanent makeup are as follows;


  • Saves on time

Permanent makeup helps women from all walks of life to save on time. It helps them with;

  • Using less time in front of the mirror
  • Saving time with other makeup application
  • Increasing the level of your confidence
  • Customization

Permanent makeup is like a one-stop shop. Your treatment is tailor-made depending on your preferences and unique styles.

  • Resilience

Most of the time, makeup smudges and smears. You may also forget to remove makeup at night or the dreaded raccoon eyes. No matter what, with permanent makeup, it is always perfectly done.


  • It cannot change with the trends

If you are a trendy person, then permanent makeup is not the solution for you. The trends keep on changing, and you might not be able to keep up.

  • It causes a semi-permanent mistake

The look of the makeup may not turn out as you expected. Mishaps and mistakes are bound to have during the application procedure. In the worst-case scenario, it may leave a semi-permanent scar on your face.

  • Safety concerns

The different cosmetic treatments can be an element of possible and risky side effects. Tattoos mostly carry an allergic reaction and a risk of infection. In the event of these occurrences, you will be required to sign up for a permanent makeup consent form.

You can also request a test spot. It is placed in an inconspicuous mark of your arm to check whether it can cause hives and rashes.

  • It fades unevenly

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos fade with time. The lip tattoos get an uneven colour fading, while tattooed blush looks horrible when they disappear.

  • Cost factor

It is an expensive procedure upfront. You spend a lot of money on permanent makeup. In addition, a lot of money is wasted too in treatment procedures.

  • Like a variety

It is not suitable for you if you mix it up with your makeup look. Once it is applied, it will remain with you for a few years, and you cannot change it.

The bottom line

Permanent makeup is a time-solving solution. It saves you the energy in applying makeup daily. If you are a career woman, this is the best solution for you.



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