What are the Factors that Increase the Risk of Toenail fungal Infection?


Most of the nail related infections and diseases are caused due to fungi. The sneaky fungi make their way into your toenail and, when left unchecked, cause a range of issues, including discoloration, infection, swelling, brittle nails, and sometimes even smelly nails. There are many factors as to why toenail fungus occurs, but here are the few factors that increase the risk of toenail fungus. 

Family History 

Toenail fungal infection may be caused due to family history and heredity. If your family has a history of toenail fungal infection, then you might want to take extra precaution to keep toenail fungal infection at bay. Taking probiotics for the toenail fungus supplement can be helpful in this regard. 


Sometimes the culprit behind the toenail fungal infections is the wrong footwear choices. If you are wearing shoes or boot that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe, it may be causing fungus development inside your boots as well as on your toes. In the long-term, it is sure to cause the infection. 

Nail Polish

As surprising as it may sound, do know that nail polish can effectively block sunlight and cause toenail fungal infection. It is just like wearing socks for a few days together without letting your toe breathe. Take a break from time to time when it comes to using nail polish. 


Toenail fungus is often an issue for runners, and if you are wearing sweaty shoes and socks for long, it is definitely going to cause a build-up of germs and fungus in your feet. It is what leads to toenail fungus. Alternate between different pairs of shoes and clean them regularly to maintain proper foot hygiene. 

These are just a few factors that increase the risk of toenail fungal infection. Thus, it is essential that you look into them and take precautions to reduce the risk.


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