The right Choices in Anti Ageing: What You Need

The goal of the anti-aging program is to strengthen the body’s natural defenses against the general process of degradation to gain years of youth and age in good health. Aging is obviously genetically programmed in our cells, but it is also and above all strongly influenced, accelerated or slowed down by the quality of our lifestyle and nutrition on which the process of degradation of the organism depends.

The Right Process

It is this process of degradation and oxidation of the body that is responsible for poor aging and chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases of the brain, diabetes, osteoarthritis, many cancers and many more. There are other disorders that disrupt the quality of aging.

Early management of this degradation process is the best way to guard against poor aging and also to stay healthy for longer. You can Contact us to learn more if you also look for NMN powder.

The anti-aging program in 3 steps:

1st step anti-aging: Assessment of degree of aging and various deficits:

Assessment of factors that promote aging

  • Clinical evaluation of the degree of aging (evaluation of symptoms).
  • Biological evaluation of the degree of aging (blood tests).
  • Biological evaluation of the degree of oxidation of the organism.
  • Assessment of the body’s defense system against oxidation.
  • Assessment of antioxidant deficits.
  • Assessment of hormonal deficits.

2nd step: correction and revitalization:

  • Management of factors and symptoms of aging.

Correction of the various deficits:

  • Hormonal deficits
  • Deficits in antioxidants and other deficits

3rd step: custom anti-aging tips:

  • Anti-oxidation nutritional advice.
  • Anti-stress, anti-degradation advice
  • Tips for healthy living.
  • Personalized vitamin supplementation advice.

Biological assessment of aging

The biological assessment of aging makes it possible to assess the degree of “internal” aging of the organism and to determine the real age “that of our vitality, our arteries and our neurons, our joints, our skin and our skin. our physiology ”which may be out of step with the chronological age of marital status.

Some are already old at 50 or quite young at 60.

The difference in the good or the bad direction depends mainly on the factors which condition the quality and the speed of aging and on the way in which we have led our lives and “burned” our youth capital.

Certain biological parameters (blood tests and others) are real indicators of the oxidation and wear process which is secondarily responsible for the general degradation, the acceleration of aging and the development of degenerative diseases which result from it, including diseases degenerative brain disease, cardiovascular disease, maturity diabetes, osteoarthritis and some cancers.

  • Oxidation of sugars = degradation and general “rust” of the body
  • Oxidation of energy cells and “batteries” = fatigue and loss of energy
  • Fat oxidation = arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease
  • Protein oxidation = osteoarthritis, skin aging, cataracts.
  • DNA oxidation = autoimmune diseases and cancers
  • Oxidation of neurons = aging of the brain, Parkinson’s etc.

The degree of wear and aging of the body is intimately linked to the degree of oxidation and the body’s defense power against this oxidation.

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