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Why Should You Consider An Immediate Dental Implant?

Missing a tooth is common enough. Unfortunately, it disadvantages you to a great extent when you cannot smile widely and risk revealing that ungainly gap within the set of teeth. Trying to live with the gap is not an easy task either. Moreover, you are at an added risk of losing more teeth over time, with several dental problems becoming apparent with each passing day. 

Like everything in life, covering up the gap left behind by a missing tooth is not impossible. All you need to do is visit one of the top dental professionals in town to obtain the right solution. You would indeed be asked to choose between different dental implants in San Antonio and then make a final decision based on facts. It is believed to be a highly beneficial way of eliminating the gap that spoils your smile. Sure, there are many other alternatives here but adding an implant to your jawbone is the most effective one. 

Dental implant & Immediate Dental Implant: what is the difference?

You may be undecided about going through the procedure once you learn about this specific solution that brings you to the door of a professional with expertise and experience in treating all kinds of issues related to dental San Antonio. The extended timeline is usually the bone of contention here. No worries! The right dental professional will provide you with the necessary guidance and make every effort to reduce the time drastically. 

The concerned dental surgeon proposes going for an immediate dental implant instead of the conventional one. That does not mean that you will be fitted with something out of the ordinary, though. It indicates an entirely different routine where the time is much less than being fitted with a traditional implant. 

The dental surgeon will make sure to position the implant into an extraction site immediately after extraction. There is no need to wait for 3 to 6 months for the jaw bone to heal perfectly after tooth extraction. All these months of waiting are thus eliminated from the procedure. The surgeon is ready to put the implant into the correct position that is identical to the site of tooth extraction. 

Benefits of considering Immediate Dental Implant

  • It comes with a shorter waiting period. This is of great convenience to working individuals who cannot afford to take weeks off their busy schedules. 
  • The implant begins to function within the shortest time possible, making the concerned individual go back to leading an everyday life within days and not weeks. 
  • While a traditional implant is left to heal on its own when placed under the gums, the gap remains visible in the interim. However, the dental surgeon makes sure to cover the area with a temporary crown that ensures complete dental safety and perfect dental health in the long run. 

Experts recommend seeking an appointment with the best dentist in San Antonio for a consultation on dental implants’ efficacy. 


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