What results can you attain with the Orbera Balloon
Weight Loss

What results can you attain with the Orbera Balloon?

Thegastric balloon procedure is a weight loss procedure that is done by placing a silicone balloon filled with saline into the stomach to reduce the amount of food you intake. It gives you a sensation of being full and therefore reduces the amount of food you take. Doctors usually recommend this procedure if other methods of the weight loss show no result. This procedure is suggested if the patient’s BMI is not high enough to go for bariatric surgery. In this article, we aim to look at the gastric balloon weight loss results.

How much weight can you lose with a gastric balloon?

The answer to this question is dependent on the changes in lifestyle that the patients implements. The placement of the gastric balloon in the stomach is mainly done to reduce the time taken for the absorption of food and therefore make you less hungry. This results in lesser food intake. The removal of the gastric balloon takes place about six months post its placement; this is wholly dependent on the lifestyle the patient follows.

It is expected that the patient will lose about 15 % of the body weight during the first six months after the placement of the gastric balloon. Total loss of the excess weight can range about 30 to 47 percent based on the treatment. The placement of the gastric balloon will reduce the amount of hunger you feel and makes you feel fuller after eating a little bit of food, and this will result in the loss of weight. The surgery also alters the levels of the hormones that control your appetite.

Gastric balloon surgery for obesity

The gastric balloon surgery helps in resolving and improving the conditions caused by being obese. This lowers the risk of weight-related health problems such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. Weight loss also gives self-esteem and confidence of the person; as we know, obesity also has its psychological effects. If you are looking for Orbera Balloon Surget in Lubbock, ensure to look at the local listings and go for the best option.


You need to understand that Gastric Balloon is not a long-term solution and therefore requires continuous weight loss treatment. Are you looking for Orbera Balloon surgery in Lubbock? You could find the most effective option of weight when the other alternatives do not match for you.

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