What Can a Thai massage in Canberra Do for You?

Massage may seem like a luxury only meant for those with lots of money to spend, however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As an affordable comfort, nothing beats constant pain like a Thai massage Canberra. The city is home to many quality companies qualified to help out individuals with chronic pain, stress issues and just plain relaxation. In fact, there are numerous reasons why men and women are increasingly turning to massage to handle health and emotional issues alike.

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Doctor’s offices and emergency rooms are overrun these days with patients needing relief from chronic pain. Perhaps it is lower back pain, fibromyalgia or stiff necks, but whatever the case, a qualified masseuse could be the answer to the overcrowded waiting rooms. In fact, according to recent statistics from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), over 40% of all clients seek relief from medical conditions. With the opioid epidemic running rampant all over the country, it’s no wonder those in pain are seeking other forms of care. Pain following operations is also another reason individual seek care from massage therapists. Pain often delays recovery, increases hospital stays and increases overall costs. With massage incorporated into the recovery plan, post-operative pain can be decreased, dosages of painkillers can be reduced and feelings of calmness and well-being increased.


Stress comes in all shapes and forms, from a high-pressure job to kids that just won’t settle down. When this happens, sometimes it takes more than just a hot bath to soothe the nerves. This is where a trained massage therapist can be a godsend. Stress affects more than just the mind, but the whole body. The body reacts with a stiffness of muscles when it’s carrying too much tension, but that’s not all. Headaches, on-going fatigue, digestive issues and insomnia are all linked to stress. Enjoying a massage will help ease the stress and decrease the symptoms.


Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or are simply down in the dumps, a quality massage can be just the mood lifter needed. Worries drift away when under the all-knowing hands of a masseuse. Choose to chat with the therapist or simply drift off under the skilful hands that seemingly know exactly where to press and kneed. Give them your preferences, harder or softer, or select a certain part of your body that seems extra tense these days. Take in the solitude a massage brings you, the aromatherapy smells that allow you to drift away.

A quality massage is a perfect way to improve any day, good or bad. Sign up for a monthly subscription that will allow you one day a month to escape from the real world and revel in the positive feelings it brings. You may want to schedule a facial, hot stone or body scrub as a change of pace. Combine it with a lunch out on the town and you’ve set yourself up for success. Give a call today to your local Canberra massage therapist and count the hours down to complete relaxation.


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