What Are The Symptoms And Treatments Of Wrist Pain?

The uncomfortable pain that you feel in your wrist due to an injury or other medical reasons is what you call wrist pain. If not treated in time, wrist pain can cause a lot of long-term problems. Wrist pain can be a problem in your normal day-to-day activities but how to know whether you have wrist pain or not?

Symptoms Of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain symptoms [อาการ เจ็บ ข้อ มือ, which is the term in Thai] and location might vary from person to person. Some symptoms that might occur along with pain are fingers getting swollen, inability to grip objects or make a fist, warmth and redness in the wrist joint, numbness and tingling sensation in the hands, sharp and sudden pain in the hand, and a clicking sound when the wrist is moved and twisted. 

More serious symptoms that would require you to see a doctor include deformity of the joint, wrist pain that becomes terrible at night while resting, wrist pain that doesn’t subside after numerous days, difficulty to straighten or move the hand, fever, or signs of infection. 

At first, the pain might only occur when you move your wrist, but if it becomes severe, it might occur when your wrist is at rest. 

Treatments Of Wrist Pain

You should always consider knowing the cause of the wrist pain before starting to treat it yourself at home. However, there are a few things that are recommended which can be done yourself to lessen the sharp pain in your wrist. These include:

  • Giving proper rest to your wrist.
  • Applying an ice pack on the area of pain for a few minutes.
  • Compression by tying a tight elastic bandage from the base of the fingers till the forearm. 
  • Intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines to subside the pain. 
  • Using splints might reduce the squeezing of the nerve and will prevent movements that cause trouble. 
  • Try certain exercises which help in stretching and lengthening the tendons and muscles. 

If these self-treatments at home do not work for you, you might consider going to a doctor because you might need either:

  • Cortisone injections might help in relieving the pain and inflammation in your wrist. 
  • Surgery, as some medical conditions such as fractures, ganglion cysts, and median or ulnar nerve decompression require surgery and cannot be treated at home by simple remedies.

Every person’s pain might differ and you should always consider a doctor to know the cause of the pain so that proper treatment can be given to you without neglecting it. Get in touch with experts to know more about Wrist pain symptoms.

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