Waist Training 101

Waist training is one of the weight loss treatments people use to accomplish their fitness goals. It involves using waist trainers, which are high-compression shaping garments that act similar to corsets to make you look 1 to 2 sizes smaller. Waist trainers are not only used to achieve an hourglass figure; instead, it is also used as a posture corrector in Ireland. However, like other diet and weight loss plans, the rewards of waist training can only be reached through discipline and consistency.

Accordingly, researching the best waist trainer for weight loss can help you determine which type suits your lifestyle. Fitness belts, latex waist trainers, and everyday waist trainers are suitable for people with active lifestyles. On the other hand, waist trainers that are high back latex vest are not ideal for an active lifestyle because it covers the entire back, which gives firm support and hold of the body’s midsection.

However, choosing the waist trainer that suits your lifestyle best is only the start of your waist training plan. To get the best results of your waist training, you should wear the waist trainer while having a disciplined diet and consistent exercising. Hence, you must follow a fitness routine, which involves cardio conditioning and strength training. Other exercises that are perfect for waist training are Pilates, planks, side planks, and squats are excellent for waist training.

A diet plan should work hand in hand with your waist training plan. It is common to have a reduced appetite when you are wearing the garment. Instead of stopping yourself from eating, you should change your eating habits. Eating several small, nutritious meals throughout the day instead of having three big ones is recommended when doing waist training.   

It is best to remember that weight loss is gradual, and not everyone has the same metabolic process. Therefore, do not be discourage when others progress faster on losing their weight while you see little progress on your body. With a proper waist training plan, a regular workout routine, and a healthy diet, you will experience waist training results accordingly.

Although you want to see immediate results from your waist training, it would be best to only wear your waist trainers for about 1 to 2 hours, especially when you are a first-time user. The best practice of waist training is wearing the garment twice a day at shorter intervals when you need breaks. This infographic of Celebrity Waist Trainers discusses what you need to know about waist training.

Waist Training 101

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