Use Hexarelin to see fast results from your work out regime

Everyone in the fitness or sports industry are very well aware of the importance of growth hormone in maintenance and building of lean muscle mass. There are many compounds in the pharmaceutical market that stimulates the production of growth hormone in our bodies to receive the desired benefits. 

Hexarelin also known as Examorelin is considered the most potent of all such peptides. It is a synthetic peptide hormone that when administered acts as a stimulant for the pituitary gland and allows our body to maintain a steady level of the growth hormone. 

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How does Hexarelin acts in our body?

It is a peptide made of structurally similar amino acid chain as found in GPRH-6 apart from two extra methyl groups present in Hexarelin. It acts like a ghrelin analogue and is very potent in its action. It can be administered as an oral pill or sublingually. While the exact mechanism of its action is not known; it has been proven to deliver results. 

As per some reports; it increases prolactin in our body to a certain extent but does not produce any effects on the secretion of ghrelin. It has also been reported that it works only when taken for shorter cycles less than 16 weeks long and is seen to be the most effective at around 8 weeks mark. 

Hexarelin peptide has been known to produce the following beneficial effects on humans:

  • When used by athletes in a cutting cycle; it can help in lowering the body fat percentage while improving the recovery time post heavy exercising. 
  • It improves our metabolism and when combined with diet and workout; it can promote building of lean muscles, increase strength, and promote fat loss. 
  • While it provides benefits in a similar fashion to steroids; it does not cause any anabolic effects and is thus a preferred choice over anabolic steroids. 
  • Hexarelin is also known to promote joint healing and muscle tissue repair. 
  • It known to have a beneficial effect on our nervous system. 
  • It is also reported to have protective action on the cardiac cells against oxidative stress and scarring of cardiac tissue. 
  • It can also promote calcium regulation by the muscles in an individual who has undergone chemotherapy for treatment of various forms of cancer. 

If you follow the instructions of your doctor and take Hexarelin as per the recommended dosage, you will not likely face any adverse effects. Incorrect dosage can cause certain side effects such as:

  • Very high levels of cortisol and prolactin in our system. 
  • Decreased libido. 

Hexarelin is currently been studies for its cardiac protective effect and can prove to be a novel drug for the purpose of cardiac remodelling. Although the side effect profile of this peptide is moderate to low, you must always consult a medical professional before administrating it on your own.

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