Three Deceiving Characteristics of A Cannabis Plant

While selecting the cannabis, growers look at the characteristics of the seeds. However, this is a tricky task. The characteristics of cannabis seeds have already raised plenty of questions amongst the growers. We are dealing with cannabis and marijuana seeds for a long time and we are faced with the same questions again and again about the appearance of the cannabis seeds. We thought for it for a long time, and decided to come up with this piece of article that will help you understand the most deceiving characteristics of a cannabis plant.

The article can act as an answer to all the questions that you often ask while picking up the right cannabis seeds. The following are the characteristics that may deceive you:

The size of the seeds

Most of the cannabis plants that you find in the market are called polyhybrids, the size of the seeds will vary depending upon the genetic time. Many customers come to us with a query that they have bought critical seeds, but the seeds look too small. In so many years of business, we have seen that millions of critical seeds are smaller than the other seeds and thus, it is incorrect to think that the smaller size is the sign of poor quality.

On the other hand, if the seeds look too big, they may lack macronutrients during the plant’s growth cycle.

The Shape of the seeds

The next deceiving feature of a cannabis seed is the shape of the cannabis seeds. The cannabis seeds may show slight changes at morphological level. If you find slight differences in the shape of the oval seeds in the same batch, it is perfectly normal. The shapes may vary from extremely liner to the perfectly rounded ones and with some others as pointy. This is no reason for the concern as these differences are natural and they have nothing to do with the quality.

The Color of the seeds

Last deceptive feature of any cannabis seed is its color. We understand that most of the experienced growers are looking for ripe seeds, the color of which ranges from brown to black. It is true that the ripe seeds of such dark color is ideal for the plantation because they are the indicator of the best quality seeds, but it is okay if they are deterring from the ideal information you know. This can be misleading many times as the seeds with light or dark grey are also good quality ones.

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