Things You Need to Know as a Four Months Pregnant Mother

It is a notion widely accepted that the first months of pregnancy are not that stressful. Now, this may be true for some not so true for others. This is such a phenomenon that is special and singular to every other woman.

What remains constant though is the fact that you must take care of your body during this whole time. You can not pour anything from an empty vessel. We are going to discuss exactly that in the write-up. Let us take a look at the symptoms that a 4 months pregnant mother would experience and what are some of the supplies she must have in hand. 

Symptoms For A 4 Months Old Pregnant Woman

The hormones of women do little dances through this time o3rikd. Here let us take a look at what a four months old mother for the next day. 

  1. Round ligament pain 
  2. Bloody and/or runny nose
  3. Shortness of breath as your belly gets bigger
  4. Increased sex drive-we promise, intercourse won’t hurt the baby
  5. Oily skin
  6. Constipation
  7. A pregnancy “glow”

Things You Must Stock Up On

This is usually a smooth sailing time in the nine months-long journeys. However, it has its pros and cons. Here is some stuff that would come in handy around this time. Here is a list if such stuff that you should stock up on during this time of your pregnancy: 

  1. As around this time, your belly will start to expand it would be a great idea to buy some organic coconut oil to massage. 
  2. Buy some maxi dresses or maternity clothes that are comfortable enough. 
  3. To deal with a persistent runny nose use some extra pillows to perch yourself up to sleep tight at night. 

A mother too is born with a child. She is never there before. So keep in mind to take good care of yourself to take good care of the baby. 


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