Breast Augmentation Miami is one of the most popular cosmetic procedure which improves the shape, size, and volume of the breasts. There are various reasons why women undergo this procedure. It could be due to aging, weight gain or loss, deformity, or simply because they want. Though it is a popular procedure, there are still some facts about the procedure that isn’t so well known.

Saline and silicone implants: Both are safe

The choice is usually between silicone and saline implants whenever you are opting for the procedure. When you decide on which one to opt for, one of the main concerns you might have is about safety. Both the implants are equally safe.

Breast Implants can be kept for as long as you wish

Some might say that the implants have an expiry date like everything else, but that’s not true. If the implants are taken care of properly, then the implants can last for a long. Those patients who have a silicone implant should undergo an MRI every few years to check whether they are still intact or not and any sign of leak or rupture. When silicone implants break, they tend to hold their shape and go unnoticed unless detected with MRI.

Implants don’t hinder breastfeeding.

There is a common misconception that implants interfere with the patient’s ability to breastfeed and even compromise the baby’s safety. This is not true. When you have implants, you can safely breastfeed your child without worrying about the implants.

Limited size options on the implants

When it comes to implants, you might be able to get big implants, and there are various reasons for that. Various physiological factors like the size of your rib cage and skin elasticity play a key role in determining which implant size would be the best suited for you. Skin elasticity is essential as the skin has to stretch out to accommodate the implant without compromising the appearance. When you have larger implants, you might require more revision surgeries in the future.

Find a surgeon who is the perfect fit.

Many plastic surgeons offer breast augmentation, but you must share a sense of comfort with them when you are deciding on a surgeon. The surgeon should be board-certified and should have extensive training and experience in performing the breast augmentation procedure. They play a key role in the results.

You might need additional surgery.

Sometimes a single breast augmentation procedure might not be enough to achieve the aesthetic goals you have set out for yourself. Another surgery might also be required to maintain the desired results. Due to pregnancies and the aging process, you might need procedures to correct any changes in the size, shape, and positioning of the implant. Some women also experience complications like scarring, in which thick scar disuse develops around the implants. This has an impact on the results of the procedure. To correct this, a revision or a replacement surgery takes place.

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