The Joint Pain Issues and How NR and NMN Powder Offers the Best Solutions

For mild or moderate joint pain, outpatient treatment is indicated, but if no improvement is reported within 6 weeks or if other symptoms of the disease are present, a specialist consultation is recommended.

Early treatment of the disease can slow its progression and can prevent joint damage. Therefore, in the case of individuals with symptoms characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis, a medical consultation is recommended to establish the diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment allows for relief of pain, inflammation and joint destruction and thus reduces the risk of permanent motor disability.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide or NMN is from the nucleotides family that addresses joint issues. The nucleotides are those organic modules that are found in maximum food items that we consume. The creation of NMN happens to be the intermediate step for the NAD +. In simpler words, the higher the NMN is, the higher is the level of NAD+. Choosing the right nmn powder manufacturer is important in this case.


Various analyzes can be performed to investigate possible side effects of treatment:

  • renal function is tested
  • liver and muscle enzymes are analyzed
  • bone density is tested for early detection of osteoporosis
  • Ophthalmological examination.

Because rheumatoid arthritis results in significant joint damage and the development of a degree of disability, regular evaluation by a specialist is recommended to determine the effectiveness of the treatment and its possible adjustments.

Treatment – General

The most commonly used methods in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are those achieved by combining a drug treatment plan with exercise in rheumatoid arthritis . It is necessary to change the lifestyle. Although treatment can help relieve symptoms, there is no cure for the disease. The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is generally lifelong, but varies according to the following criteria:

  • stage (active disease or remission)
  • severity of the disease
  • previously used treatment methods
  • assessment of the risks and benefits of certain treatment methods
  • The patient’s preference in terms of costs, side effects and daily schedule of a certain type of therapy.

The goal of treatment is to provide an approximately normal life to the patient, to reduce joint pain, inflammation and destruction, and to prevent the onset of permanent disability.

Initial treatment

Initiation of treatment should be made with informing the patient about the disease regarding the prospect of joint damage and the installation of permanent disability, the risks and benefits of future treatments. The long-term treatment plan must be carried out in close collaboration between the team of doctors and the patient.

The purpose of the initial treatment is represented by the following:

  • amelioration of joint pain
  • reduction of inflammatory joint processes (arthritis)
  • improvement of their function
  • prevention / slowing of the destruction and joint deformities
  • prevention of permanent disability
  • improvement of quality of life

NR powder turn the nutrients to cellular energy and at the same time, activates the sets of proteins called sirtuins that are used for regulating the cellular health. NAD+ is available is all bodies thanks to the diets that human beings have. But other than that the NR powder and the NMN powder is also available now that work as perfect supplement options. You can choose the best nr powder manufacturer for the same.

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