The Face Skincare Solutions: The Right Option Here

Having a lumberjack style or clean face, you are not free to take care of your beard hair. If you choose not to shave, start a care routine, starting with moisturizing the hair, taking care of the neatness and shape. The length of the beard dramatically influences the shape of the face.

A beard that is too long, for example, can make your face elongated and look very thin. You can even use the same products for your hair in it (this includes a conditioner to soften the strands).

If your option is to shave, the best time to do this is after the shower: your skin is clean and less risk of being contaminated with dirt if you cut yourself. The pores are more open because of the heat of the water, and the hairs are easier to remove. A good aftershave (without alcohol, so as not to cause irritation) and cold water afterward help to close the pores and protect the skin. The use of skincare for men is the perfect cleansing solution.

Laser: definitive solution for folliculitis

With or without a beard, no man is free of the unwanted by ingrown and inflamed hair: the name of this is folliculitis, and it is easy to treat. Laser hair removal is increasingly embraced by men who want to get rid of this nuisance forever or even prevent it.

Whether to reduce the amount of hair or act in a specific area where the problem is more serious, laser hair removal is the most effective and indicated by dermatologists to prevent and end folliculitis in male skin.

Men have more sebaceous glands than women, so they have more pores. That is, the male skin is more oily and brighter and has a greater tendency to have enlarged pores, comedones, and acne earlier, more severe, and more prolonged. This is due to the presence of testosterone in the male body.

  • Men still suffer from aggression caused by shaving. Shaving daily stresses the skin and can cause irritation. According to the Perface Institute, shaving can generate micro-injuries, and products used as aftershaves can clog pores.
  • Use of sunscreen is essential, use even on cloudy days. Be aware of what happens to your skin. Conducting consultations with the dermatologist prevents many diseases, including skin cancer.
  • It is avoiding products that contain alcohol in the formulation and help prevent irritation right after shaving.

Most men tend to have more oily skin than women, but there are also those who suffer from dryness. The moisturizer for men must have an oil-free formulation, and the most suitable ones are those that contain urea in the formulation. Anyone who suffers from excessive dryness should also avoid long baths and boiling water that increases the problem.

Sunscreen is one of the only mandatory items on the list of products that man should buy and use daily because sunscreen protects the skin from exposure to solar radiation.


Ultraviolet rays are responsible for causing burns, accelerating skin aging, and the occurrence of spots and even serious diseases, such as skin cancer. The lighter the skin is, the greater is the chance of developing cancerous lesions and the greater the protection against sun exposure.

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