Surgical Hair Restoration Will Restore Your Hair and Your Self-Confidence

For any person suffering from hair loss and baldness, consider surgical hair restoration as an effective, permanent solution to restore your thinning hair. According to the American Hair Association, 85% of men will have thinning hair by the time they are 50. Losing your hair can be an embarrassing problem that usually requires more than the quick fix of hair growth serums. However, with surgical hair restoration, you can have a gorgeous and permanent head of thick hair in just a few sessions.

Where to Find an Expert Surgical Hair Restoration Provider

A medical doctor must perform the hair restoration procedure. One of the companies at the forefront of surgical hair restoration, Sure Hair International, is located in the Greater Toronto area of Canada and is an excellent facility for any patient looking for a modern and safe procedure performed by experts in the field of hair restoration.

Dr. Seager and Dr. A K Gupta have over 25 years of experience in Canada pioneering the History of surgical hair restoration techniques used by doctors in the field still to this day. Dr. Gupta is personally involved in every single patient’s procedure and is dedicated to serving the local Toronto community with an exceptional level of medical care. The doctors and their team utilize the newest techniques at their state-of-the-art facility to give every patient a natural-looking, full head of hair.

What is Surgical Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is the transplanting of healthy hair from a donor area on the patient’s head to the area suffering from hair loss. Though that may sound straightforward, hair restoration and graft implantation is actually quite difficult. It requires a steady hand, a trained doctor, and the sheer artistry and skill to perform the procedure correctly and make it look like naturally growing hair. These methods include the stick and place technique and the unistrand technique.

Stick and Place Technique

The stick and place approach are essentially taking a graft of healthy hair and implanting it into a small opening created in the area where the hair will be transplanted. The method used to involve making the incision first, then implanting the graft of healthy hair, but since the skin on a human scalp is so elastic, the openings start to shrink immediately. Dr. Seager founded the technique of making the incision just before the graft is transplanted, avoiding the problem of skin shrinkage and larger incisions.

Unistrand™ Hairline Technique

The Unistrand™ Hairline technique is another procedure founded by the expert doctors at Sure Hair. This approach utilizes the stick and place method and super dense grafting to create a full, healthy, and completely natural looking hairline. This procedure was specifically designed for a thicker-looking head of hair made with fewer grafts, and for implanting a single hair graft without damaging the hair bulb. This technique also boasts a higher rate of transplant success, which means fewer procedures for the patient.

Surgical Hair Restoration: An Effective, Safe Solution to Combat Hair Loss

With surgical hair restoration as a permanent solution to combat hair loss and baldness, every patient can have a full and healthy head of hair again. No more ugly hats, and no more obvious and embarrassing hairpieces that clearly look fake. Instead, you can have your self-confidence and self-esteem back with the newest techniques that hair restoration medical community has to offer. When you have surgical hair restoration, you gain more than just a full head of hair you gain back your happiness and love for life!


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