Strengthening your muscles in post-gastric sleeve
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Strengthening your muscles in post-gastric sleeve

The task of building muscle may be next to impossible for the patients after a gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Muscle building depends upon the age of the person. When somebody reaches the age of 40 and above, the muscle tone tends to decrease. Also, most patients have not exercised correctly for years before of extra weight.

Importance of muscle building after the gastric sleeve surgery

Building muscle after gastric sleeve or any bariatric surgery benefits the obese in many ways. It aids in increasing levels, maintaining weight, and boosting the ability to do any work. It also helps in raising metabolism, which means that how fast the body burns calories. With more muscles, you will be burning more calories. It simply means that you will be losing more weight too. Daily workout after a weight loss surgery can enhance the overall look or shape of the patient.

Following the correct diet and exercises, you can achieve the most satisfactory results after gastric sleeve in Tijuana.You will have to make a diet and exercise schedule during the postoperative period. You must consume low-fat protein for the whole day for building new muscles and maintaining them. Protein requirement in men is 80 grams every day, whereas women need 60 grams of protein. Intake of protein shakes can fulfil your daily protein requirement. It would be better if you keep track of the protein consumption to have an idea of how much protein you have consumed. In many cases, patients get worried about their diet and exercises. They should consult a certified nutritionist who can assist in a better way.

How to build muscle after a sleeve gastrectomy?

For the first few days, you have to do a mild workout, and after a few weeks, you can increase the level of exercises. Fitness is nothing without consistency; thus, you mustn’t skip the workout session for even a single day. You should fix a time for each day. Exercises such as cardiovascular exercises are perfect of you. These exercises are beneficial for your lungs, blood circulation, heart and muscle building.

Weight lifting can help in developing the muscles and making the bones stronger. Focus over the main muscles such as back, arms, shoulders and legs.

Before you begin with the workout, it is crucial to ask your doctor first. Wait for some time until the doctor permits you to go to the gym.

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