Hair Care

Settle down, it’s time we talk about hair & it’s issues

Remember the failed attempt when your mother tried to cut your hair? Today it is hilarious to bring back those memories. Your home hairdressing attempt is much better than having a bad hair day. Every one of us had one, and vividly remember every minute of that awkward day. Today to avoid dilemmas like these, you have got numerous hair products like hair gel or a hair spray. Hair sprays force your stubborn hair to sit quietly more or less. Well, all these products are alright to use but always make a note of how much of it and how to use them. Careful steps of application are also a part of hair care. Now that we are humored into this, let’s put some light on the popular troubles of hair.

  1. Ah! The hair fall:

Frustrating when this occurs. What is the ultimate solution to hair fall? Why is this so stressful? Take a breather, there are many factors today that affect hair fall, some are genetic as well. The solutions and remedies are endless. Every word of mouth, blog, or any form of content that posts remedies to hair fall are true on their part. But if you pull out a big picture, you will understand that all remedies don’t suit everybody. Hence it is essential to stick to prescribed remedies. It’s often better to know what’s going on under your scalp than shading it with uninvited lotions. Today pick hair care over hair fall.

  1. Benchmarking hair growth:

Do you stretch tall and measure how deep your hair descends? Long hair has been a popular beauty culture. Metaphorically, long hair does ooze out the beauty of a flowing river. In any case, hair growth becomes one essential factor to maintain the flow of long hair. It’s a bit disheartening when you measured that hair grew only about 2 inches the past month when you spend so much time and effort on the hair growth remedies. Hence marking down your hair history becomes essential and also it comes in handy many times.

  1. Hooked on a hair treatment?

Good for you. It’s essential to get one done. The hair spa that you did, didn’t it make your hair feel more lively and vibrant? Whenever it comes to hair and scalp health, don’t let suggestions and tips do experiments on your scalp. If you may, think of a hair treatment like mutual funds. Jot down your goals and research. Bearing in mind the previous funds (in this case, hair treatments) keep a track of what was best and what was not.

To sum up, scan out what’s best for you and your hair. Though hair is nothing but dead cells, yet they feel so lively. It’s beautiful how they make you feel amazing. Well, it’s good that they are dead cells, otherwise, a plait would tickle your ear, or maybe some other plait would strangle you complaining about “where is my hair regime?”


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