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Quality Microblading Houston Residents Can Count On

At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we offer a range of services to help you achieve and maintain a look you can be happy and proud of. One of our most commonly requested services is a procedure known as microblading, which is a great alternative to more expensive and risky factual tattooing. It is more affordable, safer, and better looking than other treatment options so keep reading to see why when it comes to microblading Houston residents have great options available to them!

What is microblading?

A form of temporary tattooing, microblading is often done on the eyebrows to generate a fuller and thicker look. This procedure is not permanent even though it uses a similar process as regular tattooing. The difference, however, is that microblading ink does not go nearly as deep as traditional tattooing so the effects will fade over time. In most cases, a microblading treatment will last anywhere between one to three years. Microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery in layman’s terms. It utilizes a very fine blade to deposit small droplets of dye into the uppermost level of the epidermis of the skin. This method of tattooing is considered to be semi-permanent and is much safer as there is less dye involved and the deeper levels of the skin are not affected by the treatment so the risk for injury is also reduced greatly as well.

How Your Brows Look

When you come in to Aesthetic Surgery Institute for your microblading appointment, you will be spending a good bit of time discussing the final look and style you want to get from your procedure. Our team of microblading experts will discuss everything with you before your procedure takes place. Depending on factors such as eye shape and factual structure, we will make recommendations for what style brow may be best suited for you. At all times though, you are in control of your look and the final decision is always yours.

Microblading can be used by many individuals to achieve a variety of looks. It is particularly effective on brows that are thin or oddly shaped or that are unable to grow in a certain area easily due to years of plucking. One big benefit to microblading treatments is that the semi-permanent look needs to be touched up and filled in from time to time. This allows for tweaks and adjustments to be made to how your brows are shaped and how they look. All you need to do is let us know what you want done differently the next time you come in for a touch-up treatment.

To learn more about local microblading Houston residents can take advantage of, and the other services we offer, or to schedule your consultation appointment with our team, visit us online or call out offices today!

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