Ptosis And Its Solution

Ptosis eyelid (หนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai) or as we generally know the condition of drooping eyelids is a condition when the eyelids drop from the original position due to muscle weakness. This condition leads to eyelids losing their original space and dropping towards the eye thus causing issues in vision. The severe cases of ptosis eyelid even lead to the covering of the pupil that causes the patient to lose a lot of percentage of his vision. It can even completely block the vision. It is a very common condition and can be seen in adults as well as children.

This condition can be seen in adults and this is known as involutional or acquired ptosis, which causes the blockage of the vision. In children, this condition is called congenital ptosis. The children face this issue because of low muscle growth or muscle weakness. Some even have this condition due to the genetic conditions of their predecessors.

Treatments Of Ptosis

  1. In adults, the treatment for this condition is mainly surgery. Doctors usually go for surgical options because the adult body can recover in a fast manner. Another reason is that adults suffer from this disease for a long time and sometimes the medical solutions are not enough to treat this condition.
  2. The second option of treatment for this condition is through drugs. This is mainly used for treating this condition in children and old age people who cannot very easily recover from surgery. Although, the risk of side effects is always there if the treatment taken by a good doctor will reduce this risk to a minimum.
  3. Although this is very rare, sometimes doctors prefer to let this condition be as it is. The main reason behind this is that the body is neither in a condition for surgery or medical treatment. It may be the already existing complications or other medical conditions.

Causes Of Ptosis

The condition of ptosis can be there due mainly these reasons-

  • Brain stroke
  • Muscle growth deficiency
  • Genetic condition (rare)
  • Damage to eye
  • There can be other things that may cause this condition, we will always prefer you to visit a doctor to properly realize the causes of this condition.

Point To Remember

There is nothing to be worried about in ptosis eyelid. Most of the cases are resolved by good medical facilities. The main thing is after receiving treatment, you need to take precautions as per your doctor’s advice. Any discrepancy in precautions can lead to the severity of this condition and may require further medical attention.

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