Menstrualcup To Enable Eco-Friendly And Economical Approach

The menstruation period is less than a bolt from the blue, which most women experience once or twice every month. Though it is a natural process and all it makes them fertile where the formation of the egg takes place inside the walls of the ovary, and it’s easy to solve, it is also going to come out form the body in the way of clots and bloodsheds. The duration might be three to seven or ten days, and depending on the health condition, most of the women face it more than times in their lives. During this event, cotton-rich tampons, napkins, sanitary pads, and others help them in soaking all the flow of blood that further prevents leakage.

You don’t need to dispose of it every time.

Lots of sanitary pads and napkins get wasted during the process of menstruation period. All of these are deemed to one-time use, which you need to put on higher risk with absolute attentiveness. Once these are full of blood, you need to dispose of them and pick another one to maintain healthy hygiene. The discovery of menstrualcup is really an eventual approach where you have a product for the same segment, and it also leaves effective results without even being thrown for a long time.

No blood during intercourse

These cups also come in different varieties, and you can pick any of these according to your interest. Most of the silicone and rubber cups need to be detached from your vagina if you are expecting intercourse, but it is not valid with these modern cups. You don’t need to worry about the bloodsheds, but these come with the design of diaphragm, and these have also been designed to perform the process of sex without even facing any further setbacks.

Works for a long time

When talking about sanitary pads or tampons, These all need to be removed within 4-8 hours in a day, but in the case of menstrualcup, you can keep them in use around 12 hours. These also tend to be eco-friendly and don’t put unnecessary burden over your pocket and lasts around ten years with the expense of minimal budget. These all have designed to prevent the odor, thus enabling a hazard-free approach to looking forward to getting rid of all of these leakage and other related issues in the long run.


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