Israel Figa Says It’s Not the Virus, It’s the People

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world economy has been huge and there is no denying that it will last for a long time to come. Even the countries that are coming out of the lockdown are not fully ready for the circumstances they will be facing post-pandemic. In some countries, things are still getting worse with the passage of time. In other words, the situation surrounding the pandemic is just as uncertain as it was a year ago. Possibly, things will get better in the coming year, but until then, the fight is on.

According to Israel Figa, the spread of the virus has only escalated in some countries, making the conditions worse for people, businesses, and governments. However, as much as people talk about the new strains of the virus and its mutation, Israel Figa believes that it is not the virus but the people who are causing the spread of the virus at such a magnified scale. Let’s find out in detail what he has to say about this statement.

Careless Business Owners

Israel Figa believes that there are some bad business owners among great business owners. Good and bad people are everywhere, but when you have bad people in the business sector, you are looking at a huge problem that will affect a nation for many years to come. So, the point about careless business owners is that they are not really paying attention to all the warnings they are receiving from their governments and the international media. They think they can’t survive if they don’t make people work. For this reason, they keep calling their employees to work.

Yes, it is true that some businesses cannot make people work from home. Think about an automotive plant where people are working with mechanical parts with their hands. They can’t do that from their homes and completely automating the plant is out of question for a business in these circumstances. Eventually, these business owners are making people work in conditions that are causing the spread of the virus. They should think innovatively e.g. by calling people on alternate days, or something else that helps them mitigate the risk of the virus infection and transmission.

However, these careless business owners are causing a huge damage to their countries and people. They only care about their own profits and sales, and so they are not contributing at all to stopping the spread of the virus.

The Careless Citizens

Some people take their lives too casually to believe in anything that jeopardizes their sovereignty and freedom. When you tell them that there is a virus that’s killing people around the world, they don’t believe you because they don’t want to hear you say that they will have to sit in their homes and do nothing. The idea of being in the lockdown and not visiting any place they love is intimidating for them. As a result, they choose to not care at all. They don’t take any preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus. Worse yet, many of these people catch the virus, are asymptomatic, and transmit the virus to many others around them without anyone knowing about it.

They don’t like to wear masks in public and hold functions and gatherings in their homes. In other words, they don’t care at all, and their attitude is costing people their lives. Israel Figa believes that people who care should report such people who don’t. Otherwise, things can take a turn for the worse.

Final Thoughts

Israel Figa has rightly pointed out the carelessness that many people and business owners have shown since the coming of the pandemic. Even the people who are taking precautionary measures and following the SOPs are not comfortable going outside because they fear running into people who don’t wear masks and don’t care about the spread of the virus at all. If you have such people around you, please stay as far away from them as possible, or at least 6 feet.

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