Important Facts You Should Know About Glaucoma  

Glaucoma, which describes a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve, is typically called the quiet thief of view. This nickname evolved due to the fact that the disease approaches undetected in its onset, creating no pain, as well as only a couple of, if any kind of symptoms. However, when left untreated, it is dynamic and permanent, and eventually causes loss of sight, generally impacting peripheral vision initially.

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Below are few essential realities you ought to find out about glaucoma:

  • According to the National Eye Institute of the National Institute of Health, more than 4 million individuals in the United States have glaucoma.
  • Glaucoma creates damages to the optic nerve, the nerve that attaches the eyes with the brain, usually as a result of increased pressure in the eye.
  • Beginning of the disease lessen peripheral vision. If the disease is not regulated, glaucoma ultimately triggers overall blindness.
  • The most effective method to discover glaucoma is via a dilated eye test. The eye professional looks the optic nerve closely for any signs and symptoms of glaucoma. IOP or Intraocular pressure is measured, however, this measurement is not nearly enough to establish glaucoma, as it may change even in a day, as well as it is feasible to have glaucoma also if IOP falls within the normal array, or for having high pressure not having glaucoma. If the condition is presumed, further testing will be done, which may consist of visual field tests as well as digital retinal scanning.
  • Any individual can get glaucoma yet you go to higher threat for establishing glaucoma if you have the following danger elements:
  • Over 40
  • hypertension
  • diabetic issues
  • household background of the condition
  • Hispanic or Afro-American descent
  • Glaucoma can be controlled through a variety of methods to reduce, as well as control pressure in your eyes.
  • Treatment can involve the use of medicated eye drops
  • Laser procedures as well as minor surgeries can be utilized depending on the kind as well as stage of glaucoma
  • The best way to prevent vision loss from glaucoma is with early diagnosis, so see to it to set up a total eye examination with your eye care expert at least annually.

Do not be the following sufferer of the silent theft of sight. Speak with your ophthalmologist regarding your threat of glaucoma today.

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