How You Can Make Your Medical School Application Stand Out

There are many factors to consider as you try getting into the best medical schools. It isn’t only about getting the best grades in your premed course or getting the highest MCAT scores. It will also mean crafting an excellent medical school application that will convince the admission board that you have what it takes to study the field.

When learning how to get into medical school, the first step is to learn how to create a good medical school application! When you are filling out the application itself and filling it with essays, your work experience, and the like, it can get tricky. To increase your chances of getting positive attention from your dream school, read on for effective tips.

  1. Highlight your experiences

Most applicants that have successfully entered medical school have had experiences in clinics, hospitals, hospices, or other healthcare settings.

With a lot of clinical experience will come a higher chance of being admitted. Paid and volunteer opportunities are a great way to gain experiences, such as being an emergency medical technician, medical scribe, or certified nursing assistant.

Or, you can also perform clinical shadowing with willing physicians. It’s best to be diverse with your experiences rather than focus on quality. 100 hours shadowing professionals of different specialties would be much stronger compared to spending 500 hours with one specialist.

Add these to your application and be sure to add your takeaways and personal learnings from every experience. This will help you stand out from the many other applicants who have done something similar.

  1. Show off your academics

There are different ways you can show off your academic experience, and not just by your premed course and grades.

For instance, you can gain academic research experience and involve yourself in lab research. You can even study abroad and go on mission trips, which will show that you have empathy, more understanding of different cultures, and the willingness to explore outside your comfort zone.

Having tutoring or TA experience is helpful as well, which will show the admissions committee that you are able to communicate with confidence and clarity.

  1. What are your extracurriculars?

The extracurricular activities you will point out on your application will show off the skills useful for medical school and the career. It will also show your unique interests and your character, so make sure that it isn’t only interesting, but compelling enough to catch attention.

Point out your diverse interests, your passion for helping people, your leadership and initiative, along with your commitment to your experiences and interests.

You can share stories about the time you were captain of sports teams, the written works you have published, your time teaching in music clubs, or volunteering in underserved communities.

Wrapping It Up

Medical schools don’t only get the ones with the highest scores, but the ones who have the personal qualities and work ethics that will help them get through school and their future careers. Follow these tips to create an amazing application that will stand out from the rest!

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