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How to repair damaged hair?

There are many factors like pollution, dust, application of hot tools, and coloring that damages your hair. However, this damage is reversible, and you can get naturally shiny hairs back with few simple steps. One thing you should note is that damage occurs when your hair doesn’t get adequate nutrition. So now you have to restore your hair health by providing the right nourishment.

Below are three steps to repair your damaged hair.

  1. Use a nourishing shampoo

While you’re purchasing a shampoo for yourself, you need to ensure three things in it. First, the shampoo should have essential oils and vitamins. It’s best to get a shampoo that contains proteins like Keratin. And lastly, avoid using a shampoo that has parabens, sulfates, and sodium chloride.

  1. Deep conditioning is a must 

Your hair is likely to get damaged from pollutants in environment and hair treatments like hair straightening, coloring, etc. When you go overboard with various hair treatments, it causes your hair to lose its natural moisture and become prone to damage. But, fret not, this dryness can get fixed with deeply conditioning hair masks from Kerotin.

  1. Brushing the hair

Brushing your hair twice a day can do wonders for your hair. The root of your hair strands releases a natural oil to keep the scalp and hair protected and moisturized. When you comb, the oil spreads from the root to the ends of the hair. As a result, your hair gets a natural shine, and the scalp becomes less oily too.

To sum it up, you can use high-quality hair products for women from Kerotin. Your goal should be delivering the required vitamins, proteins, and essential oils to your hair. Hair masks and queen of resilience shampoo from Kerotin can help you get back healthy and stronger hair.

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