How “Flow” Is Achieved In Surf Therapy Retreats


Surfers undoubtedly know the therapeutic benefits that the ocean can provide to the human body. When surfing is used as a skills-based or experimental treatment, it is called ocean therapy. According to the results of a research that explored the benefits of ocean therapy on military personnel who are seeking for mental health support, surfing has reduced the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. 

How to achieve flow through surfing

It is very likely that you have heard of the psychology of flow that is now being used in surf retreats for patients with mental health issues including people who are pursuing a positive mind and body. Flow is described as the optimal state of consciousness where ego and time fly away. The entire being is involved and skills are used to the utmost. Flow helps people develop skills that allow them to control their emotions more effectively. 

Surfing is a challenging athletic activity that is achievable; however, it presents a slight stretching of the abilities which is a good way to achieve flow. Being described as “in the zone” means that an individual has reached the state of flow where he experiences the loss of self-consciousness and a sense that he has completely mastered the activity. The attention is focused solely on the activity which makes it more manageable.

However, it is difficult to experience flow if there are distractions in the environment that can cause a loss of focus on the activity. At surf retreats, distractions are minimized as much as possible so that full focus will be directed on the activity. An individual will not experience flow by doing something that he truly dislikes. A state of flow can be achieved when pursuing activities that are more engaging and enjoyable. 

Flow happens when an individual’s skills are fully involved in overcoming the challenge. This means that as the skill level increases, the level of challenge must be adjusted to initiate a state of flow. Another way to experience flow is to slightly extend an individual’s skills beyond his current ability level. 

Benefits of surf retreats

Surfing has incredible healing opportunities and provides a real chance to think of nothing else. Individuals who attend surfing retreats experience an integrated mix of fun, connection with others, education, and therapy that makes them feel energized and prepared to tackle challenges. Surf retreats combine surfing, mindfulness, experiential group therapy, positive psychology, trauma release exercises, and psycho-education. Intimate environments are shared to ensure connection. A connection is one of the best healing techniques for individuals who are suffering PTSD. 

World-renowned, life-changing Surf Therapy Retreats are designed for people who want to redefine themselves, to reconnect to a purpose, and to build flow and resilience in their lives like recovering addicts, people suffering from PTSD and childhood issues, and those frightened with life. The healing goal can be transformed to reality through a unique combination of surfing, experiential group therapy, and bonding among an intimate group of 10 individuals. Clients will experience a deep therapeutic boost with an acceleration on their understanding and recovery from past traumas. 

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