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Goals for a Fitness Challenge

With gyms closed and competitive sports all but boarded up, it can be frustrating for professional and amateur athletes alike to get the workout they need to keep their body in tip-top shape.  The good news is that there’s plenty of home fitness challenges that can get you moving like never before.  Remember that after a few weeks without an intense workout, you not only need to stretch but also to get the right supplements needed for your body to maximize your gains.

30 Day Flat Abs Challenge

Ask 100 people working out at the gym what one of their goals are, and odds are good all 100 of them will say washboard abs.  A flat tummy requires dedication, but the 30 day challenge can be all the dedication you might need to seeing your waistline slim down and your stomach pop.  This particular challenge is staged in week-long intervals where you begin with the basics — leg lifts and ankle reaches — accompanied by an appropriate amount of water after the workout.  Each week adds on not just more reps and more water but more types of exercises: week two introduces reverse crunches, week three requires “criss-crossers” over the side, and week four amps up the repititions until you’re doing twenty of each workout per day.

One Punch Challenge

Named after a cartoon character who became the world’s strongest man by doing nothing more than simple exercises, the One Punch challenge is the hallmark of a simple, yet demanding, fitness challenge.  There’s no steps, only requirements: by the conclusion of the challenge, you should be able to do 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a ten-mile run.  You start on Day 1 by pushing yourself to exhaustion in each category; Day 2 is pushing yourself that much farther.  These exercises don’t just make you stronger, they also see major gains in terms of reps in a short amount of time, meaning that you can see your progress as you go and be motivated by trying to get just a little bit farther.

100 Squat Challenge

Unlike the One Punch Challenge, the 100 Squat challenge lays out very specific guidelines, as well as many different types of squats (30 in all), such as one-leg squat or side-bed squats, that give you a lot more flexibility as you go.  You’re not just trying to get to 100, furthermore: you’re doing 10 reps of 10 different squats, meaning that your legs and butt will thank you, but there’s plenty more muscles that are getting a workout as you go.

30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

There’s a reason that Rocky trained for a prizefighting match with a jump rope: this simple child’s toy gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout, while also boosting muscular endurance for the next time you’re on your feet for a long duration.  Like other challenges, this one starts at the baseline — jump until you’re exhausted — and tacks on an extra ten seconds each day.  You’ll end up in better shape, but also with far better balance and coordination, making it a great choice for those who feel a bit clumsy on their feet.

Plank Challenge

Perhaps the least comfortable exercise in the world, planking makes you feel the best once you’re done with it.  The finish line is the reward here, since the Plank Challenge demands that you start at thirty seconds but work all the way up to five full minutes.  Your core will thank you later, even if it makes you count every second that goes by.

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