Get Professional Mold Exposure Diagnosis And Treatment

There is mold almost everywhere. People are regularly exposed to spores but this does not usually cause health issues for healthy individuals. It would take a large amount of spores to trigger adverse reactions. This might occur in homes and buildings that have deteriorating mold problems. If ignored for many years, this can worsen to the point that occupants are compromised. Sensitivity to mold can also trigger allergies in otherwise healthy individuals. They must be careful in keeping their immediate environment clean at all times. If you think that you may be dealing with this issue, then go to a doctor for professional mold exposure diagnosis and treatment.

The Symptoms of Mold Allergy

According to the Mayo Clinic, this allergy is a result of the immune system’s overreaction to mold spores. These float around in the air so we may breathe them in. If there is enough spores to trigger adverse reactions, then the body can go haywire in trying to deal with them. Most are able to manage just fine by highly sensitive persons can suffer from uncontrolled coughing, postnasal drip, watery eyes, sneezing, and dry skin. This allergic rhinitis can be detrimental to work and studies. It interferes with daily life in different degrees because symptom severity varies from one person to another.

People with asthma need to be particularly careful because mold allergy can cause the symptoms of asthma to manifest. It is possible for sensitive persons to experience an asthma attack of high severity. Among the symptoms are chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This merits a visit to the doctor. If you experience any signs of a respiratory problem, then do not ignore it. You should be particularly mindful if the symptoms are persistent and becoming a problem when it comes to your daily routines. Don’t let your work suffer from this when it can be resolved by a competent doctor.

How to Avoid Mold Exposure

As always, the best way to deal with any ailment is prevention rather than cure. This is important because you can avoid all of the issues all together. If you already know that you or a loved one has allergies, then do your best to keep your house clean. Remember that mold will thrive in dark and damp environments so pay attention to the areas of the house with running water. The kitchens and bathrooms must be dried after use. Countertops should be wiped with a clean rag and bathroom doors should be left open to improve ventilation. Using a dehumidifier can help. Hire professional cleaners if there in a bad case of mold in the house.

Mold Exposure Diagnosis

Do not self-diagnose because the symptoms might indicate other allergies or respiratory ailments. Let a doctor analyze the problem for a more confident diagnosis and correct treatment. Doctors will examine the signs and symptoms to see if they are consistent with mold exposure. Test can be conducted including a blood test and a skin prick test. Blood tests are useful in measuring antibodies to gauge immune system response. Skin prick tests use small amounts of the suspected allergens to check if you will develop hive at the pricked spot.

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