Four Factors to Consider when Choosing a Home Care Agency

Senior care services cover a range of needs; however, not all home care agencies are made equal. Before you choose the right caregiving agency for your loved one, you must know what to expect from them. Here are some considerations to help you make the right choice:

The Type of Care Required

In-home care can be skilled and custodial care. Skilled care services are related to medical care and assistance, so it is best for a person dealing with a long-term illness or recovering from surgeries or injuries that led to medical care. Meanwhile, custodial care refers to help with the patient’s daily life. This could include housekeeping, shopping, cooking, or bathing. Talk to your loved one and determine the kind of home care they most require and chose an agency that meets these requirements.

Keep in mind also that the majority of home care agencies have minimum hours-per-shift and/or days-per-week requirements. For instance, caregivers should be used at least three times every week and for no less than four hours per shift. Moreover, your loved one may only require support a few times per week through transportation, companionship, and errand running for now. But, over time, they may require increasing assistance which means they need a full-time or live-in caregiver. Graceful Living can offer the right type of services and availability your loved one needs.  


Start by inquiring about the length of them an agency has been offering care for. This indicates their status within the community because an agency that has been in business for a long time may have a better reputation or has enough references to determine their level of dependability and competence. The majority of established agencies have websites where you can find information about their services, some patient requirements, and service fees.

Services Offered

Ask about the range of services an agency offers. Although your loved one may not need all of their services, a versatile home care provider offers evidence of their ability to provide several levels of comprehensive home care. Also, ask about the specific services in relation to your loved one’s needs. You want to ensure you hire an agency that meets these needs. 

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Aside from working within your budget, you must understand whether or not insurance or Medicare covers the services your loved one needs. A good agency will be transparent about how much their services would cost you. Also, they can offer different payment plan options.


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