Fitness Techniques You Might Think are Good, but aren’t and Why Having the Big Berkey Filter is Important in Your Effort to Stay Fit 

There’s nothing wrong with considering steps to stay fit. Some of them might work and help you quickly achieve your goals. The problem is that other techniques could have terrible effects on your body. While you think they’re making you stay fit, the truth is that they could harm your health. Not drinking enough water is one of them. Some people would say that you seem heavy on the weighing scale because you have too much water in your body. If you remove the fluids, you will be lighter. Although that idea is true, dehydration can be fatal. You can’t stop drinking water just because you want to have a better number on the scale. In fact, you have to invest in the Big Berkey filter. Instead of depriving yourself of water, you should drink a glass regularly.

Staying hydrated will also help you remain energized. You can’t stay long in the gym if you don’t have energy. You will immediately stop and lose the chance to be in better shape. Apart from not drinking water, these are the other weight loss techniques you think are okay but aren’t.

Starving yourself

If you think starving yourself is good, you’re wrong. When you starve yourself, you will most likely make it up later. You will gain whatever you lost at the time that you deprived yourself of food. Besides, not having the necessary nutrients in your body will only harm your overall health. You will also keep thinking about food, and you can’t concentrate on your job. You could also suffer from an instant crash due to the lack of fuel to keep your organs working.

Instead of starving yourself, you can eat small amounts of food regularly. Eating in moderation is always the key. You don’t need to stop eating just because you want to lose weight. Besides, the weight loss journey should be an enjoyable experience and not make you feel you’re getting punished.

Spending several hours exercising

Exercising will surely help you lose weight. If you use the right techniques, you can achieve your desired goals. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in the gym for several hours. It’s not the number of hours that will determine if you will lose weight. It’s the type of fitness regimen you’re doing. Even if you stay for several hours, you can’t expect great results if you’re not doing anything significant. Some people even try the HIIT method or high-intensity interval training. It works well for people who are too busy. With this approach, you only need a few minutes at the gym, but you max out your energy. If you use the treadmill, you will run at the fastest possible speed for a few seconds before you stop. You can follow a routine that allows you to speed up your time at the gym. It’s exhausting, but that’s exactly why you want to follow this method.

Carbo loading 

You see people with great muscles carbo-loading prepare themselves for the gym or any other physical training. Before you decide to follow this strategy, you have to recognize your body type. If you’re not muscular and don’t do the same intense workout, you shouldn’t try it. Excess carbs will only lead to weight gain. It works for these people because they can burn whatever amount of food they eat. They have extremely intense exercise routines, and they probably understand their bodies well. It doesn’t mean they have a perfect routine, but what they’re doing is definitely not suitable for you. Unless you have a similar body type, it’s best to stay away from carbo-loading.

Intermittent fasting 

Some people don’t consider it starvation, but in essence, it is. Intermittent fasting might work, and many people can attest to it. The problem is that it entails a lot of sacrifices. When you couldn’t concentrate on the job and have a hard time doing other activities, it might not be worth it.

Trying new diet fads 

Diet fads are all over the place, and something new pops up now and then. You might think that the strategies work because even celebrities endorse them. The problem is that you have no means of knowing these people really tried the technique. Besides, even if they were, only certain body types will do well with those strategies. If you are not suitable for them, the reverse can happen. Instead of losing weight, you could gain more.

Even the people endorsing these techniques don’t necessarily believe in them. They only do it because they get paid. If you fall for this marketing stunt, you could end up regretting your decision. There is nothing wrong with doing a diet technique if it’s something that your doctor advised you to do. Your physician knows your body well, including your underlying medical conditions. You can trust the doctor to recommend a specific diet technique or food set that you can eat in every meal. It’s better to consider what your doctor tells you instead of listening to some random people online trying to sell a diet technique or food supplements.

Apart from your doctor, you should also consult with a fitness expert. It would help if you had a clear plan on how to lose weight. Some exercise techniques might work if you do them right and you’re consistent. You also need someone to keep pushing you, especially if you’re on the verge of giving up. Any weight loss exercise you try wouldn’t work if you don’t try your best, and you keep stopping in the middle of the routine.

Now that you understand the possible mistakes you make in trying to lose weight; you have to start changing your strategies. You can no longer keep doing the things that could adversely affect your health. Learn from experts and try to change what you do if you want to achieve your goals.

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