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Does Rice Water Actually Promote Hair Growth?

From using different shampoos to different types of hair oils like Indulekha Neemraj Oil, castor oil, olive oil, we always find numerous ways to help promote our hair growth in the best way possible. So, when rice water came into the picture, everybody was more confused about the benefits of rice water and questions were raised on its ability to actually promote hair growth or not.

According to various dermatologists, rice water has been used since ancient times to treat various issues related to hair or scalp. But there’s no real-time data that shows that it truly enhances the hair growth. But there are numerous benefits of rice water for hair and scalp which also cannot be underestimated because if something that can take care of your leftover hair is much better than to lose more strands without any new growth in their replacement.

Constituents of rice water

There is no scientific proof that rice water promotes hair growth. But rice water does have the properties that can help you to keep your hair healthy. The rice water contains a rich amount of starch that coats the hair structure to add strength and moisture which provides moisturization and hydration to the scalp. Another major component in rice water is inositol that repairs and protects your hair even after rinsing.

Other important components of rice water are amino acids and vitamins that add texture and volume to hair too. So, if not new growth rice water does actually make your hair healthy and repairs them. If you are not convinced with rice water, then you can use other alternative methods to promote hair regrowth by using Indulekha Hair Oil an ayurvedic cure which has all the natural herbs extracts that repair and promote new hair growth. So, your confusions might be clear about rice water and its uses.

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