Do alkaline water rich in pH allow better hydration?

Without a doubt, tap water is polluted, and has harmful materials. There are harmful bacteria, heavy metals, pesticide residues, chlorine, etc., which are as harmful as they are difficult to eradicate from the body. As for bottled water, it’s hardly better than tap water after spending weeks in its PET bottle. Suffice to say that “classic” water has only limited moisturizing power. Alkaline water, filtered and cleaned, is therefore of much better quality. It is highly recommended to buy the best alkaline water dispenser online at affordable prices.

In addition, the alkaline device provides, like all other water ionizers on the market, more “purified” water. Under the effect of ionization, the clusters are composed of about 5 water molecules. The clusters are therefore smaller. They can thus penetrate the cell more easily and therefore deeply hydrate all the cells in our body.

Two recommended uses

Two uses are, in our opinion, recommended:

  • In cure of three weeks every three months by drinking only.
  • In daily intake, without exceeding half a liter per day.

The electronic charge of water

Every chemical body has an electronic potential, which is measured on a scale, ranging from 0 to 48 rH2. An rH2 index equivalent to 0 indicates zero oxidation, and 48, very high oxidation. Oxidation is a deficiency of electrons that we perceive in the rust or the fall of the flowers in autumn. It also exists in our cells and corresponds to the chemical loss due to aging.

This matter a lot in the food we consume, and therefore in the water that we swallow regularly to regenerate our body, since it is the most present element. Water with a high rH2 index is very oxidizing and accelerates the loss of electrons in our body, while water with a low rH2 index is reducing, or antioxidant, that is to say, it strongly compensates electronic loss of our cells, supporting our immune system.

One last thing: the price

Compared to tap water, of course, there is no doubt that alkaline water is much more expensive. If we compare it with the cost of bottled water, the balance is also unfavorable. But it would be like comparing a napkin to a mop. A simple reverse osmosis unit, coupled with remineralizing charges, can be a less expensive solution (with the constraint of its maintenance). Sophisticated water systems (with Vortex) are arguably the best for water vitality and quality, but they are just as expensive as alkaline water and do not have its action.


The only downside is that it’s very antioxidant nature puts your immune system on standby, preventing your body from malfunctioning. But the organism is lazy by nature, and if someone does the work for it, it picks up bad habits and loses its mobility. Therefore, by getting used to this enormous dose of electrons, it defuses its own defenses against oxidizing free radicals. Alkaline water is therefore exceptional health water, yes, but follows our advice: cure it, drinking only for three weeks … every three months.

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