Common Sports Injuries and How to Reduce your Risk

Sports such as tennis, baseball, and golf are famous summer sports that share some of the most common sports injuries. An Integral Performance physiotherapist will assist a lot of people with summer sports-related injuries including shoulder injuries, lower body strains and sprains, as well as tennis elbow and low back strains. Below are the most summer injuries and what players can do to reduce their risk of these injuries.

Shoulder Injuries

Rotator cuff strain is the most common shoulder injuries that people can experience during the summer. Swimmers, tennis players, and baseball players are susceptible to tearing their rotator cuffs. They can experience symptoms such as pain in the front of the shoulder that could move down the side of the arm to the elbow. Those who have should injuries must apply ice right away and see a physiotherapist if the injury persists for a few days.

Preventing shoulder injuries can be as easy as doing regular exercise throughout the year. Strong arms and shoulders will ensure a player stays on the field. But, those who are injured must not delay seeking treatment. It will be harder to treat the injury when they wait longer.

Golfers or Tennis Elbow

This type of sports injury can happen with overuse of and muscle strains to the tendons in the arm. Golfer’s elbow impacts the inner forearm while tennis elbow strains the outer forearm. People who have these injuries can experience swelling around the elbow and pain whenever they try to grip a golf club or tennis racquet. But, these conditions are easy to avoid. It is just important to take it easy on the court or course. Players must ramp up their activity through the season until their arm is ready to handle more stress. Physiotherapists can give suggestions on how to avoid these injuries in the future.

Sprinkled Ankle

Sprained ankles are likely to occur because of improper equipment, slippery grass, and divots in the ground. Those who have this injury have damaged their soft tissue and tendons in the ankles. They need to see a specialist immediately because further damage to the tissue and ligaments can happen when left untreated. 

To reduce the risk of an ankle sprain, check the field’s condition all the time. Also, players must wear the right shoes for their sport. Before going out and playing, they must gently stretch their ankle to loosen the muscles and prepare them for the constant movement. 

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