Causes And Benefits Of Family Counseling

Family counseling is simply a way of handling behaviors that affects the proper functioning of a family. It’s also meant to help the family go through difficult moments affecting their mental and behavioral being.

Family counseling does not certainly mean that the people involved are related by blood, but its anyone who plays the role of a parent or guardian.

There are several reasons why people seek a great counselor and they are:

Drug addiction

When a family member is into addiction it can affect the mental and emotional state of the family, and it’s always important to seek family counseling so that it can be easy to support each other and also learn how to fight addiction collectively. You can seek help on anger management from In Focus.

Blended family

This is where two people have kids from previous relationships or one person has kids and then they decide to come together and become one and may be get children together.

This kind of situation maybe be hard to handle and the parents involved might decide to seek the help of a counsellor so as to be able to learn how to live in harmony.

Spouses who keep secrets

Keeping secrets might cause major problems in the family and counseling is necessary because one will be able to know why their spouse keeps secrets from them and they are also going to learn better ways of communicating.


When one member or several members of the family hold grudges against each other, it’s not healthy because it leads to disrespect, anger and bitterness. Grudges also lead to fights and breaking up of family and its necessary to seek family counseling at this point so that the family can regain the trust, love, unity and good communication they had before.

Traumatic experiences

Some traumatic experiences such as death, divorce, infidelity, violence might require family counseling so that the family members can be able to sail through.

Withdrawing from the family

Withdrawal mostly happens to teenagers and adolescents because they need some time to themselves, in most cases they want to be in their bedrooms alone and they do want to interact with other members of the family or friends.

Adults may be also withdrawn such as mothers might need a day by themselves away from motherhood, but when an individual is extremely withdrawn they might be stressed or dealing with other issues like they are being bullied which through family counsel.

Sexually starved

Lack of intimacy in a relationship is mainly caused by hormonal imbalances, lack of good communication, depression or maybe the couple is not creating enough time for each other.

Sexual drought can lead to fights, breakups and infidelity which causes strain on the whole family and at this point family counseling is important to help reconnect the family.

Family counseling has a number of benefits which include:

Makes the family happy, leads to better ways of communicating, strengthens the family bond, build self-esteem. Family counseling also helps deal with issues like divorce and also helps the family achieve the set goals.


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