Carefully Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer!

Previously, most people rarely carried a hand sanitizer with them and preferred to soap-wash their hands or wipe it off with a towel. Hand hygiene had been one of the major yet neglected issues over time, majorly due to a lack of awareness among the people. The implications of unhygienic hands were serious health threats that resulted over time. Finding a sink on-the-go and washing hands might not be the case always, and hence carrying a hand sanitizer is an effective alternative to look out for. Now, before buying a new product, one must choose it very carefully, and below are listed its whys:

Avoid False Claims

It is nearly impossible for hand sanitizers to kill germs like Salmonella, Norovirus, or MRSA. Sanitizers who claim to have killed these germs are a big hoax and illegal too under the standards and guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration.


Avoid Loud Fragrances

To attract customers, sanitizers are made available with fragrances that cannot be easily avoided. But this needs to be brought into notice that mostly the origin of these fragrances comes from harmful toxins that at times might pose serious threats. These fragrances rise from the usage of chemicals that might affect the hormone secretion of an individual, also affecting the genital growth.


Avoid Non-Alcohol Base

It had been mass circulated that a good hand sanitizer must be free of alcohol, but what is not circulated is the ineffectiveness of using foam-based sanitizer usage over time. The sanitizer is not able to kill the germs as desired and the foam is left behind on hand, making it slurry. Moreover, this being a water base, does not contain any strong formula to get used over-time. These products are also devoid of any fragrant ingredient. Sanitizers made by ÖVO Labs are toxin-free and refreshing on the hands and come with the recommended percentage of alcohol, which is 60-65%.

Capture the Moisture

Most hand sanitizers, owing to their percentage of alcohol content, leave the hands dry and out of moisture. It is important to choose a hand sanitizer that will help your skin in more than a way. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, consisting of isopropyl alcohol, prevent the palms from getting dried up.

So, from the next time you have a thought on bagging good sanitizers, the above list will help you curate an idea onto what exactly you need in your product, and what all to avoid.

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