Buying a Portable Vaporizer? Read This Guide First

If you are new to vaporizers, you probably have no idea where to start. Most people opt for a portable vaporizer because of its handiness. This vaporizer is available in all types, sizes, and price ranges. There are things you must be aware of and how they can help you achieve your desired experience. 

The Amount of Vapor the Vaporizer can Produce

The more vapor, the greater the effect. Aside from choosing the right portable vaporizer, you must also learn how to get more vapor from the vaporizer and vape pens. One important point to make is that smoke is not vapor. A lot of vape pens have exposed vape coils that produce a lighter-free solution to smoking on-the-go. Also, you can use glass screens to prevent direct contact with the vape coil. So, what exactly makes a Psychonaut portable vaporizer produce more vapor? It is about what goes on inside the heating chamber. You can get more vapor from how hot the heating chamber gets, how easily the air flows from the chamber through the pathway and mouthpieces, as well as how much you can pack inside the chamber. 

Conduction vs Convection Heating Methods

Conduction vaporizers use a transfer of heat from an object to another. The herbs come into direct contact with the chamber’s sides and often leads to the outside of the herb heating while the inside staying green. Often, stirring is necessary to efficiently vaporize the herbs. Meanwhile, convection works by heating the herb by passing hot air through the chamber. These vaporizers are considered more efficient since you are just heating the herbs you are drawing.

Where you are Buying your Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are only as good as they last. You will have to decide on something that will last. Although you must pick a dependable vaporizer upfront, you need to know where you are buying your vape from. You can shop at stores; however, it can be a hassle to deal with defects and buy vape pars at the manufacturer. 

However, buying a vaporizer or vape parts from an online shop, you are in good hands since they are working directly with manufacturers and keep healthy amounts of inventory. Also, these stores inspect their products before shipping and ensure orders are packaged discreetly. Should you have any questions or need tips about your vaporizer, the shop’s representatives will answer your questions as soon as possible, regardless of the issue. 

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