Blood Centrifuge Care and Maintenance

A blood centrifuge is often at risk of spilling or getting stained by blood samples. It is therefore important to make sure that the device is clean and disinfected, as spillage may cause contamination within the clinic when cleaned properly. Also, centrifuges handle blood samples from different patients; contamination may lead to the wrong test results and affect a patient’s diagnosis.

How to maintain a blood centrifuge

A blood centrifuge should be maintained regularly to ensure quality performance. Among the ways to do so are:

  • Keep the centrifuge properly lubricated. Lubrication allows the rotor to move smoothly at different speeds. Lubrication likewise prevents the centrifuge motor from potential rusting in case it is exposed to moist or other environmental conditions.
  • Ensure all users know how to operate the centrifuge. Users of the centrifuge should be oriented first before they are allowed to handle the unit. This way, they are able to handle the centrifuge well and avoid mistakes in operating or changing its controls.
  • Inspect critical components for wear and tear. It is important to check the rotor for signs of damage, or if the tube containers are not yet worn out. The same should be done on the centrifuge motor, especially when unusual shaking or buzzing sounds start to occur during use.
  • Be aware of the different types of samples used with the centrifuge. It is common to use different liquid samples on one centrifuge. To ensure that no contamination happens, protocols should be followed when cleaning each type of sample.

Centrifuge cleaning

It is also highly recommended to clean the centrifuge each and every after use. This maintains the hygiene of the unit and allows it to be used for the next sample testing.

When cleaning a blood centrifuge, observe the following:

  • Use neutral cleaning solutions (non-corrosive cleaning solutions).
  • Ensure daily cleaning (even during days when the centrifuge is not used).
  • Be aware of the different types of samples used with the centrifuge and how they should be cleaned up during instances of spillage.

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