Before, During And After A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure 

The typical goal of people who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery is to enhance their appearance. The more lasting benefits are the improvement of self-esteem and confidence and dramatic changes to the quality of life. However, before you undergo cosmetic surgery make sure that you are prepared for whatever changes may happen to your life. 

What will happen before, during, and after the cosmetic procedure?

Many physical characteristics can be changed through cosmetic plastic surgery but there are others that even the best plastic surgeons can’t medically alter. To be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, you must have realistic expectations of the things that can be accomplished. The goal here is not perfection but an improvement. There are also certain aspects of your life that may be affected like family, work, travel, and social obligations. There is a recovery period where you will experience a certain degree of discomfort and low spirits.  

A clear understanding of what will happen before, during, and after the cosmetic procedure is very important. The cosmetic surgeon is the best source of information on the body changes that you can expect. The initial consultation will provide the best opportunity to explain what you like to achieve with cosmetic surgery. 

The plastic surgeon will explain the concept of asymmetry. By nature, the human body is asymmetric which means that one side looks different from the other side. The surgeon will help you understand that changing one part of the body will affect your overall appearance. To achieve the right balance, additional cosmetic procedures may be undertaken. 

Cosmetic surgery usually requires general anaesthesia or IV sedation which will be performed in a hospital. However, non-invasive procedures like an injection of facial fillers can be performed inside the surgeon’s clinic using local anaesthesia. 

After the cosmetic procedure, the surgeon will provide you with a list of post-surgical care instructions, medications, prescriptions, and contact information for any further questions. In spite of the pain medications and antibiotics that will be prescribed, you must be prepared for the bruising and swelling that follows the procedure. Bruising may take about 3 weeks to disappear while swelling may take longer. Experiencing boredom during recovery is normal particularly since you are unsure of the results of the surgery. 

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

There are different fees that make cosmetic surgery quite expensive. You have to pay for the surgeon’s professional fees, anaesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related expenses. Cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by health insurance except when it is used to correct health problems. For example, if a cosmetic procedure is performed on the nose to correct breathing problems, health insurance may cover anaesthesia and hospital fees. If you do not have cash, use your credit card or get a loan from the local bank. 

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