5 Reasons You Should Wear A Mask?

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient,”-said Steve Maraboli.

The COVID-19 has already shown the entire world that how a virus van effect the entire world in such a short period. Wearing face mask has become important defence to fight against the COVID-19. A mask can reduce the spreading of virus and many countries have recommended their citizens to wear mask and maintain social distancing.

UVMask is one of the biggest innovations that uses UV-C light, which can kill off bacteria and viruses with ease. UVMask, a face mask that has a built-in UV-C filter. It is one of the safest masks right now.

Here are 5 reasons to why you should wear a mask

Reduce viral transmission:

If you are using a surgical mask or a clothing mask and you are wearing them correctly over the nose and mouth, it can help you in reducing 70% of viral transmission.

 Wearing a mask is important but wearing it properly is also necessary. The proper way to wear a mask is to first wash your hands before putting on the mask and make it clear your mask should cover your face and mouth properly.

Prevent the asymptomatic spread:

When you wear a mask, it protects you from the unknown infections that are spread in the air. In this pandemic, the situation has made society suffer a lot and scientists say that 50% of viral transmission occurs before a person develops any COVID-19 symptoms. A mask cannot prevent you entirely from any spreading but it reduces the viral transmission rate by 70%. You need to take few more measures to prevent yourself from getting affected- like you need to follow the rule of social distancing and also regularly practice good hand hygiene.

Mask also prevents from spreading of the virus from an asymptomatic person to others.

You are protecting others from illness:

When the community puts an effort into mask-wearing then it can effectively decrease the spreading of the virus. Every country is facing the effect of COVID-19 and the number of deaths has been devastating but the researchers have predicted that many of these deaths could be prevented if the 90% of people would wear the mask and maintain social distancing.

It is mandated by law in some country:

Well, on a national platform wearing a mask is not mandatory but a state can decide whether they want to make it mandatory or not and many have already made the law for mandating mask-wearing. States such as California, Washington, Utah, and North Carolina have already formed the compulsion on masks.

They are good hygiene in general:

The tradition of wearing the mask is crucial in every medical field from medical professionals to surgeons including dentists; everyone wears masks to prevent them from droplets, germs, and illness and also preventing their own germs from spreading to others. Wearing a mask is normal for protecting yourself and it is also a good hygiene epically during this COVId-19 situation.

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