5 Prominent Differences between Fake Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions

The two terms – eyelash extensions and false eyelashes are often used interchangeably, and so, many people think that they are the same; but actually, they are not.

Well, although the purpose of the two is the same i.e. adding volume and length to your original lashes, both are applied in two quite different ways, and results too are different.


Especially when the results of the two are compared, fake eyelashes are nowhere near lash extensions because eyelash extensions look much better.

1. Difference in Presentation

Most fake eyelashes come in the form of strips. Each strip contains a sticky substance that you have to apply to your upper eyelid.

The false lashes are lined up on this strip and then are attached to the lid.

False eyelashes are available at almost any drugstore and beauty store.

Eyelash extensions on the other hand come individually. Each extension is designed to look similar to a natural lash and each is attached to the top of the natural lash that has to be extended.

A special adhesive solution is used separately to hold the extension to the natural lash. This solution is applied carefully to avoid its touch to the skin of the eyelid.

Since each of the lash extensions is to be applied accurately and carefully, it needs a professional to apply them. In short, you can’t do it on your own, as you can do with fake eyelashes.

You may wonder where might be eyelash extensions near me such as Fancy Lash. Thus, it’s a great solution for you.

2. Lash Extensions don’t Feel Heavy

Another difference is that the lash extensions don’t feel heavy on the lashes. False eyelashes, on the other hand, feel heavy on the eyelids and make them weary.

False lashes can even damage the natural lashes and can cause them fall out much ahead of their natural cycle.

Since an eyelash extension is an exact replica of the natural lash, its weight is also around as much as the natural lash, i.e. almost nothing, even if they’re 3d eyelash extensions available at Fancy Lash.

Thus, you won’t feel that something has been added to your eyelids and your natural lashes won’t fall out prematurely.

3. Life of Lash Extensions and False Lashes

Actually, the eyelash extension will remain in place until the maturity of the natural lash on which it rests. This may be two months or even more.

In contrast, false lashes last just about a week at the most.


4. Activities You Cannot Do

With false eyelashes, there are many activities that you can’t do. These include heavy workouts, swimming and sometimes even sleeping restfully.

With lash extensions on the other hand, you can do virtually any activity.

The adhesive used to attach them forms a waterproof and sleep-proof bond that cannot be broken regardless of any activity you undertake.

5. Difference in Appearance

As mentioned earlier, false lashesare far from lash extensions when it comes to results. They look just false.

They just look usually conspicuously fake and stiff, shouting to all that you’re wearing falsies. On the other hand, lash extensions look extremely natural.

They move with your natural lashes. As long as, you continue with the applications, it’s nearly impossible to tell that you are wearing extensions.

After knowing about these differences, it’s quite obvious which ones you should choose. Now it’s up to you to make the right choice.

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