5 Features That Every Good Weed Storage Pouch Must Have

Storing weed joints and flowers in plastic bags and pill bottles is an obsolete storage solution that can actually spoil the scent, aroma, and strength of your strain. Instead, what you should be using is good storage bags like the Hush-Kush pouch storage bags. The guide below is written on these terms. We’ll be introducing you with 5 different features that every good weed storage bag must have. So, lets begin!

  1. Weed Storage Bags Should be Waterproof

Waterproofing is the one feature that you must consider when buying a weed storage bag. That’s because only waterproof bags are resistant to moisture and humidity. Which is why all weed storage pouches by elite brands like Hush-Kush have a beeswax coating on the inner surface of the pouch. This coating keeps moisture away. As a result, your joints stay just as strong and as flavourful as they were when you purchased them.

  1. Weed Storage Bags Should be Washable

When you store joints in a pouch, the surface is bound to pick up particles. And these are the particles alongside dust that must be cleaned from time to time. Keeping such hygiene basics in mind, elite brands make sure that all their storage bags are washable. The best ones are those that can be washed:

  • Directly under tap water.
  • With lukewarm water.
  • With mild alcohol-free and chemical-free soaps.


  1. Weed Storage Bags Should be Spacious

A good weed storage bag is supposed to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Customizable

The pouches like Le St-James and Henna’s One Love by Hush-Kush have all these 3 features. Their bags can be used to store weed flowers when flat and can be used to carry 4-5 pre-rolled and half-lit joints when folded and rolled.

  1. Weed Storage Bags Should be Smell Free

One of the biggest turn offs for weed lovers is adulterated or faded aroma. Hence, elite brands like Hush-Kush focus on using the latest Perma-B technology in order to make their pouches smell free. Some of their best products are listed below. Have a look!

  1. The Josie’s Mind Pouch
  2. The Creative Mind Pouch
  3. The Sunset Blvd. Pouch 
  4. The Le Bordel Pouch


  1. Weed Storage Bags Should be Affordable

Who wants a pouch that wouldn’t last even a month? Well, practically, nobody. Which is why you should be buying pouches from elite brands since their bags last for over a year with proper care. Besides, such bags are also:

  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly

So, all in all, a good weed storage bag is the one that has all the above listed qualities. Hence, pick carefully.


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