5 drug abuse information to keep in mind

There are many types of drugs available in the markets, and the effects of each are diverse. But all of them have a huge negative impact on people’s lives, mainly if they abuse it. However, not everyone knows much Orange County drug abuse information or elsewhere. You need to research extensively to handle the conditions. 

Most abusers of drugs are younger individuals, specifically school or college students. So, knowing information regarding drug abuse would help people take appropriate measures. While you would find many facts about each drug type and their effects, having some generalized information is also helpful.

The following are five such facts that you should keep in mind.


  • Many types are available to students 


Indeed, one of the points you should pay attention to is its availability. While adults get hold of prescription drugs easily and some overuse them, most believe students have better restrictions. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and many students get various popular drugs on their campus itself.

Younger people usually prefer marijuana, alcohol, vaping, pain relievers, non-medical prescribed stimulants, and tranquilizers. Indeed, some misuse the prescribed drugs, too, even though they started it for a positive outcome, i.e., Adderall.


  • Drug abuse and depression are linked 


Many professionals for mental health have noticed the link between drug use and depression, especially in teenagers. According to researchers, when a person is depressed, they want to take risky steps to feel better or distracted. And that is when many individuals resort to drug use. 

To counteract this in teens, parents need to take a more active and positive role in their child’s life. They need to help them control their mood swings and depressing thoughts in an understanding manner.


  • Teenagers commonly use alcohol more than drugs 


While learning the drug abuse information, it is important to note that most younger people use alcohol instead. Statistically, 23% of children drank alcohol by their 8th grade age, and 9% of the total 8th-grade group have gotten drunk at least once. Not to mention, at least 46% of students have surely gotten drunk before graduation.

Plus, young-adults like college students are more into partying, and they drink more heavily during this period. And many of them indulge in drug use too. Among men and women, the maximum users are the former. However, drug abuse is more common for adults, especially to prescription options.


  • A huge percentage of the ED visit is due to drug misuse


Indeed, many reports have shown that a high amount of adult ED visits is due to drug use. Generally, most such per-day visits are using illegal drugs, wrong use of medical drugs, or mixing them with alcohol. The cases regarding non-medical reasons for ED visits generally involves a second person. These include mistakenly following the diagnosis of another, extra dosage than necessary, or poisoning.


  • Many medical conditions are prominent effects of drug abuse


While prescription drugs are necessary mainly to treat conditions, drug misuse can result in medical conditions too. The most common examples of this include liver problem or organ failure. People who inject the drug into their veins or muscles are more susceptible to blood-borne diseases, too. These include conditions like chronic hepatitis virus and HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, there are other effects too, like from cocaine abuse. Visit to know more details.

Overall, knowing this general information about drug abuse would help you understand the situation better. As parents, it would help you guide your children.


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