4 Things To Do To Keep You Safe From Covid-19

Covid-19 is showing no signs of retreat and as such, people must remain careful and vigilant as they go about their everyday lives. Here are a few things that have been proven to help people reduce their risk of exposure and keep themselves healthy.

  1. Wear a Mask

The coronavirus travels through the air so the best way to protect yourself is to wear a mask. If everyone wears a mask, the risk of exposure is significantly reduced. If you feel like a mask does not provide you enough protection, there is other safety equipment you can use, like face shields or hood-19 Florida. These protect more of your face from airborne particles, especially your eyes. Make wearing a face covering a part of your daily routine to protect yourself and others.

  1. Social Distancing

As with masks, social distancing has been shown to reduce the spread of the virus. Keeping six feet apart has become a standard distance to remember. Another way to social distance is to stay at home as much as possible. Many people are still working from home. If you do need to go out to the supermarket or another place, go at times that are not too busy. Keep away from crowds. Avoid house parties and social gatherings. It’s not fun but it will keep you safe and healthy.

  1. Wash Your Hands

It may be simple but washing your hands is a great way to keep the virus from spreading. Wash your hand for at least twenty seconds with soap or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Each virus particle is contained in a fatty layer and soap will break down that layer and kill any virus that is on your hands. Avoid touching your face and eyes until you have had a chance to wash your hands.

  1. Keep a Supply of Food at Home

All of this advice has been to prevent you from getting sick, but what if you are exposed and need to quarantine? Make sure you are prepared by having a two week supply of food at home to get you through the quarantine period.

The pandemic has been a scary time, but the more we learn how to prevent it, the more we can do. However, now is not a time to become complacent. All of these suggestions are easy to implement and hopefully, we will soon be socializing mask free.

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