10 Health Benefits from Chinese Herbal Medicine

There has to be something beneficial in using Chinese herbal medicine – after all, it has been used for over two thousand years! So many illnesses, ailments, short term or chronic pain and poorly functioning systems in the body can be treated with Chinese herbs, with some amazing results.

Chinese herbal medicine is really unique as it involves special herbal formulas that are made specifically for a particular person and the issues they are trying to remedy. It differs to western medicine, which often uses single herbs and supplements. The combinations of Chinese herbs are put together using:

  •   Emperor herbs – these target the main complaint.
  • Minister herbs – these target any secondary complaints but are also used to work in conjunction with the emperor herbs.
  •     Assistant herbs – these herbs may reduce side effects or help guide herbs to specific parts of the body.

Visiting a Chinese medicine clinic and speaking with an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner will explain the various herbs and their benefits, focusing on those which can help with your specific ailments.


What Are the Benefits?

Chinese herbal medicine has numerous advantages over other treatments – here are some of the common ones used today.

1. It Is a Unique Practice

As mentioned, Chinese herbal medicine is unique and the special herbal formulas that are combined by skilled practitioners are specifically made for the client. Herbal formulas can target multiple issues and symptoms at once as well as minimising any side effects. Each of the single herbs used has a greater effect when combined in a particular formula. There is so much more power in this treatment, compared to buying a generic treatment off the shelf.

2. Manages Stress

Nearly everyone experiences stress at some point and being under stress triggers the body to go into ‘fight or flight’ – the body in this state for long periods can cause poor sleep, mood swings and a struggling digestive system. Chinese herbal medicine can move the body into the ‘rest and digest’ mode. Acupuncture is effective also, to move the body into this state, which allows better stress management, in conjunction with better sleep and energy levels.


3. Helps with Sleep

Poor sleep quality and insomnia are common ailments and can really affect quality of life. Whether it is trouble getting to sleep, waking frequently or other sleeping issues, the effectiveness of a Chinese herbal formula can result in not only more sleep, but better-quality sleep through the night.

4. Boosting Energy

Because Chinese herbal medicine treats the body and mind as a whole, treatment aims to address the complaint, but also sleep, mood and digestion. By improving all these factors together, the body will be better at resting and healing, resulting in feeling more balanced and energised.

5. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Some Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to treat inflammation, such as arthritis, muscle cramps and fever. They are used to relieve both the actual inflammation in certain parts of the body, along with the pain that is associated with it. A practitioner will discuss herbs to be used alongside a healthy lifestyle for optimum results.


6. Effective for Treating Skin Conditions

Rather than simply treating skin conditions such as rashes, dermatitis and eczema by dealing with the symptoms alone, Chinese medicine looks at the colour, size and location of skin conditions, as well as the lifestyle and overall health of the client. This allows a formula to be tailored to treat the body as a whole and the symptoms as a unique case – because every person is unique.

7. Improving Digestion

Along with acupuncture treatment, herbs can assist with digestion in the body by putting the body into ‘rest and digest’. Having a properly functioning digestion system alleviates discomfort, particularly in those suffering from IBS and similar, reducing the impact on daily life.

8. Fertility and Menstrual Cycle Support

Many people turn to Chinese herbal medicine for fertility problems. A practitioner will develop a herbal formula to support healthy fertility and treatment may improve pregnancy rates – results may even be higher than using IVF or western medical drugs. Chinese herbs also help with menstrual cycles, such as regulating them or alleviating menstrual cramps.


9. Little or No Side Effects

Effective health treatments without side effects are generally quite rare, but Chinese herbal medicine formulas prescribed by a registered practitioner are extremely safe. Because herbs are included to lessen any possible side effects, there is nothing to worry about. An example of this is requiring herbs for a condition which may be a bit strong on the stomach – herbs will be included to counteract this, to reduce bloating or an upset stomach.

10. They Are Easy to Use

Taking herbal medicines is really simple. A lot of Chinese Medicine clinics, including Village Remedies, prescribe Chinese herbal medicines in a powder form, which is to be mixed with boiled water and drunk twice daily. This process is a lot more convenient than the cooking of raw herbs. So, it’s really just a little bit of effort for significant results.

Make the call to your local Chinese medicine clinic today and discuss the possibilities to improve your health and wellbeing. 


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