Ryan Hoggan Set to Lead the Push Toward International Access to CBD

Ryan Hoggan is the new CEO at Thoughtful Brands, but he’s far more than just an executive officer. Hoggan is a natural health aficionado who was drawn to the field of CBD and natural wellness after a personal health scare prompted him to make improvements in his own life, but his story is about much more than overcoming personal adversity. Find out more about this industry giant below.

Experience and Expertise

Hoggan has almost two decades of experience in the health and wellness industries. His current primary focus is on CBD, but Hoggan cannot be pigeonholed. He has also founded a successful medical device company and has extensive experience in other aspects of natural health product development and marketing.

The Hoggan Medical Years

Ryan Hoggan founded the company Hoggan Medical and built the company’s brand from the ground up. His innovative strategies coupled with entrepreneurial intelligence allowed his firm to launch more than 100 medical, health, and fitness devices and attract such big-name customers as Boeing, the Mayo Clinic, and even the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hoggan’s Entry Into CBD

It wasn’t until Hoggan turned to CBD to help him manage his own personal health that he made the transition into the CBD industry. As with all things in Hoggan’s life, he made the switch with both finesse and enthusiasm, becoming a partner and president of two global CBD e-commerce forms and assisting with strategic divestiture of CBD-based businesses to Unified Funding.

Turning Attention to Mota Ventures

His diverse industry, entrepreneurial, and personal experiences made Hoggan an obvious choice for taking on the role of CEO at Mota Ventures. His focus is on turning Mota into a global e-commerce CBD brand that leads the industry not just nationally, but internationally. He plans to partner with Unified Funding and Mota’s recently acquired online retailer First Class CBD to support the launch of Mota Venture’s European Sativida brand.

Hoggan’s Vision of the Future

Ryan Hoggan believes that direct-to-consumer sales will continue to drive the CBD market in years to come. He supports the decision to launch Sativida as an expansion of Mota Venture’s existing brand to make CBD more accessible to a wider variety of people across the globe.

Hoggan isn’t just driven by the desire to help Mota Ventures and its CBD brands grow and thrive. He is also committed to bringing easy-to-use CBD products to the people who can benefit from them the most. With the CBD industry expanding to new countries and markets, Hoggan is the perfect person to help Mota Ventures establish supply chains, develop new products, and help more international customers get their hands on high-quality CBD products.

Final Thoughts

The world is changing, and so are the natural health and wellness industries. Ryan Hoggan sits at the intersection of diverse but relevant fields, which is the perfect starting point for turning Mota Ventures’ US and European brands into the harbingers of an innovative, inclusive future. Hoggan, like many other business leaders, believes that information is power. His skills, experience, and expertise go far beyond leveraging information into the realm of true innovation.

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